My Services

design:mikimartinek design features and interiors for your spaces.

designs and furnishes

My inspiration comes from you, through personal contact. I create unique design pieces for your living spaces. Your lamp can become a sparkling chandelier, your rug a unique artwork. I can transform your entrance hall into a special place which makes you and your guests feel welcome. Your room spaces are the stage, your wishes are the star players, design:mikimartinek is the creative director. Your life provides the story.

My individual designs transform everyday items into feature points in your interiors: valuable and unique – just like you.


Looking for a design feature to enhance a space in your building. Just call me.


Living area, relaxation zone, bedroom, kitchen space, work area or storage concept – design:mikimartinek specialises in interiors.

By adding character and atmosphere to your rooms, I create an individual setting that is personal to you. Because architecture is not just a matter of functions and forms. Existing features can be integrated into new designs.

My “full service” is a complete design solution for renovations, extensions, or installations. I create designs for terraces, windows, doors, walls, bathrooms and kitchens and much more.

design:mikimartinek creates designs for homes and workplaces, based on your personal needs for living space, relaxation, cooking, dining, sleeping, working and keeping everything organised.

Thinking of renovating? Contact me for a consultation.

Change your scenery

You’ve got the space: an apartment, a house or perhaps a display window. But you want to change the way your space looks – the colour of the walls, the materials, the floor or the style of your furniture. design:mikimartinek can create a fresh look that links existing elements into a whole new and completely individual concept.

Let design:mikimartinek change your scenery: release, refurbish, reorganise or reinterpret.


Time to change the scenery? Time to make an appointment with me.

Look & Feel design:mikimartinek

You want to feel good in your home or place of work. After all, that’s where you spend most of your time. That’s why your needs are the focus of my designs when I work on your surroundings, whether it’s an existing space, or one that’s yet to be created.



Wichtig ist mir meine künstlerische Haltung. Hier einige Stichworte, die meine Position beschreiben: „weniger ist mehr“ – langlebig – frisch – zeitgenössisch – nützlich – handwerklich gefertigt – die Wiener Schule, eine Balance aus Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft.

What we do

Analyse your needs. Analyse the functions.

Idea. Concept. Planning.


Artistic direction throughout the project.

How we do it

We make an appointment to meet you, to get to know each other. Your ideas and needs are the focus. design:mikimartinek builds on trust.  We need time and creative freedom to create something wonderful for the space you live in.