How can you buy these “prize-winning“ collectors´ items?

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A boxed set BLUE GOLD of one handblown water decanter and two handblown water glasses  is 96 Euro including VAT.
A boxed set BLUE GOLD of six handblown water glasses is 96 Euro including VAT.

Please note that these handblown glass items are not dishwasher proof.

You receive an order confirmation and invoice when ordering. The set is shipped after bank transfer.

These glass items are available for individual customers and also in quantities ready for commercial clients and retail.

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Set of 2 waterglasses & 1 decanter: € 96,-

Set BLUE GOLD of 6 waterglasses: € 96,-

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Shipping cost for Austria are included. Shipping to other EU-countries is an additional 5 Euro. Please ask about shipping outside the EU.