mikimartinek is an award-winning Austrian designer. She lectures at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. design:mikimartinek offers elegant, sparkling interior design and products, specializing in tailor-made objects and interiors.

Pioneer of change

design:mikimartinek has a history of innovative and thought-provoking design. This was recognized in 2007 with the award of the Adolf Loos State Prize for drinking glasses. Since 2010, design:mikimartinek has been displayed at Vienna Design Week.

design:mikimartinek is a response to the question, “What is needed now?“. The change is a creative dynamic process involving the transformation of values and behaviour. We are all invited to participate in this global movement. Everybody responds to this challenge in a different way.

design:mikimartinek offers to work in collaboration with individuals and organisations in achieving fresh and viable solutions to 21st century design challenges.

Elegance in everyday life

We are moving towards a new awarness of the interconnectedness of life and of the true value of our ecosystem. Design has to do with the relationships of time, place and people.

Culture is a vital part of this and in each culture we have to think about what is really needed and what we need now. In design:mikimartinek, the focus on what is essential in terms of the concept and the context. The result is clean, fresh and elegant interiors and interiors.